Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Let's Face It, It's a Bit of a Love Fest Really

Art by Jerry Thistle

Last night, one of my very best friends invited me to be his 'plus1' to the reception party for the Canadian Screen Awards, and it was magical.

It was not magical because of the venue, the crowd, the glitz or the see-and-be-seen part of it (because as you can imagine from my previous post, this type of evening is not at the top of my list) I don't care about celebrities. I don't care about fancy business men with expensive suits and shabby-chic haircuts. I don't care about schmoozing (if it were even possible for me to do so). The magic lay only in being there, with my friend, in full support of his nomination. To be there because he wanted me there. To be at his side to feast on the 'free buffet of wine' with him. And to feel like I was the most important girl in the world for one evening.

To have a friend in your life who is so damn set on your very happiness & comfort is a beautiful thing. On our giggling, drunken trip home on the streetcar, I sputtered out what's been going on with me recently. We both made light of it, as it was late at night and the wine had been free flowing. But this morning, he sent me a text saying "as Mark Darcy once said, I like you very much, just as you are". Simple little words can mean so very much, and arrive at just the right time. Another realization of just how incredibly lucky I am to have friends like I have.

The day wore on to bear a second small text carrying good news from another dear friend of mine; a medical scare rendered negative. The relief and laughter that spread through me was substantial, and I did wish I could be there for him in person at that moment, to share that feeling, to celebrate that certainty instead of being at work. Those moments of unshakable friendship meaning more than anything else.

Then tonight, I gathered with friends for a super-fat-feast of pancakes and breakfast bacon for shrove Tuesday. Between sips of hot apple whiskey, PJ explained how last weekend, when we were all at the bar for Sleahy's birthday, she looked at all of our faces around the table and thought to herself how lucky she was. How much she loved us, her friends, and I agreed.

I've had that same feeling before, when I separate myself for a moment, in my mind, from my direct surroundings, taking in the warm smiling faces of those closest to me, and I feel at peace. How lucky I am that this love is all part of me, and that I am a welcome part of it.

I know that no matter how tough things seem at times, I have this circle of loving friends who are there for me no matter what. I don't always have a great capacity to say so verbally, and at other times I completely over-gush, but to those of you here in my life, present and past, know that I cherish you, I really, really do.

To You My Friends...
A post from May 2013

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