Thursday, January 2, 2014

Year & Holidays

Photo by Shayne Gray

A long and memorable year ... hopeful, nurturing an emotional heart, writing thousands of words, wisdom from my heart to my mind. Snowy winter walks along trestle bridges in Janetville, a biker with tattoos on his forehead. Travels to Halifax, Vancouver, Costa Rica, Montreal, New Brunswick. Putting more importance on friends, strengthening my relationships with them. Summer cottages and camping, sunsets warming skies and moonlight for miles over lakes. Late night swings in hammocks. So much more music, operas, Ours, Julie Doiron, Lucius, Chelesa Wolfe. Dancing to LBO and Rambunctious in 40's splendour. New glasses. Learning how to make jewellery out of silver with flame. Photoshoots in new studios, and capturing the wedding of good friends. Sushi dinner with mini billiards and springtime morning walks through Earlscourt (the trees always burst back from the winter) Lunacy Cabaret and rooftop garden parties. Lunch hour walks with lots of music, mending those emotions again with forget-me-nots, tulips and warm sunshine.

That long and memorable year ending with the best set of holidays I could have asked for. Getting the season started with Cooper's Christmas themed 80's party. Mulled wine. Momofuku brisket dinner followed by a late night birthday surprise with champagne, cake and amazing friends. Annual epic Christmas party complete with 4am round of mord-le-sac. Baking bread wreaths and cookies with Will and piling up onto his couch to watch movies in front of a most treacherous gas fireplace! Snowy nighttime walks through Roncey surrounded by the most beautiful Christmas lights (disco houses!). 3pm pyjama wine at Daniel's. Kalendar dinner with the girls and seeing Jill off to Indonesia. Bridget Jones of course, and eating more cookies than I can handle. Building a gingerbread village. Catching up with Mike after half a decade (an old friend who knows a side of me that no one else does) Coffee with Tess at All that Jazz beside a tiny electric heater. Magazine from 1932 xo. Thursday night drinks at home with best friends, taking ridiculous photos that I can never, ever share!  Watching Disney Christmas movies, Christmas Vacation, Christmas Story, Christmas Carol. Photoshoot with Nicole just before the ice storm hit. Home for the holidays to my childhood neighbourhood, trees completely destroyed by the storm. The ravine where I used to play in shambles, but getting to spend much more time with my grandparents due to the storm. Afternoon drinks with friends watching ridiculous TV and playing What! Taking pictures with sparklers and ringing in the new year with my best loved ones in a whirlwind of complete ridiculousness. Cheers!

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