Monday, December 2, 2013

Two of Us On the Run

Been taking the streetcar more these days, more than the subway.
So much nicer to watch the world go by, instead of dark tunnels.
Watching the season change, watching the snow fall. 
The lights twinkle.
Warm in my huddle, wrapped in wool and crocheted yarn.
Wreaths spring up on lampposts and moving santas wave from windows.
Not so long ago I rode those roads,
Flying through the sun on my old blue bike.
I can see myself now, my self of last summer,
Smiling and sweaty, coasting through the heat.
Head up in the treetops, dancing shadows.
Mind spinning with thoughts of everything in between love and life.
Everything filling my heart to it's absolute capacity.
The roads look changed now, through new and older eyes.
The sentiments remain unchanged.

Walking from my stop towards home.
Snow falling sparsely, sparkles in a streetlight.
A smile creeps across my lips, but my heart is heavy yet.
Two of us on the run.
Two parts of my whole.
So far removed from who I once was.
So much the same as I've always been.
The snowglobe scenes I'm part of always settle back the same.
Right down to the reticent smile, the curtains over my eyes.
Still, a quiet joy resonates there, in the memories I'm afforded.