Wednesday, September 25, 2013

An Ode to the Maitlands

I am a lucky girl. Three years ago, I found myself sitting among the warmest circle of friends, in the warmest kitchen, in an antique apartment building called 'The Maitlands' I am honestly surrounded by so much talent, warmth and bursting belly laughs with these wonderful friends of mine, and I can't believe this happened three years ago. Slow down time!

That day, after a greasy home style breakfast on Yonge street, we all headed back to The Maitlands to rest our full bellies. Christine and Marco had been packing up their apartment to move and in the process put aside a few bags of clothes for donation...or so they thought. Alas, true to our form, we ended up with a handsome man dressed to the nines as the most beautiful, Berlin belle (or mail-male-order bride) and embarked on a hilarious impromptu photoshoot (because, isn't this what all of us do on the weekends? Really, there is no time to grow up)

The Berlin belle, having been caught in her lesbian affair by her tiny brute husband Mr. Dino, and his hired zorro-esque detective, did everything she could to convince him that nothing had actually happened! But her lady-love would have none of it, and kept going in for the kiss, even under the scrutiny of Dino and the detective...

Poor Mr. Dino, now found himself stalked by the pesky detective, not only in the privacy of his own bathroom, but in the, ahem, privacy of his own boudoir....

 Alas, it was unbeknownst to him that the detective would end up killing him, and stealing away his bride (and her mistress).

And that was only the beginning of our day! Not long after this, Christine (who is really the most amazing kitchen creator I have ever met) decided to prepare for us the most delicious meal that any of us had ever eaten...

We were all secretly hoping that Marco & Miguel would return from their photoshoot early, at once opening the apartment door and stumbling on all of us, basking in our new-found personas. Though we had all turned back into ourselves by the time they came in, and we shared many laughs around the table in good, old fashioned kitchen gathering style.

To the beautiful Maitlands, you will always have a special place in our hearts. And Christine, I do think that Lola will enjoy this in the future!

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