Thursday, June 27, 2013


Love is a many faceted feeling, is it not?
The idea that there is only one kind of love is eluding me these days, and this is a wonderful thing! I think most of us grow up with the same ideas about love; we love our pets and toys, our families and then of course, we learn all about romantic love. Once the romance enters our lives, that kind of love seems to bowl over the others, and it becomes the central focus too often.

I remember back in college, the first time a friend of mine said so non-chalantly, that she loved me as she ran off to class. It was such a wonderful feeling, and it set me to thinking that yes, I do love my friends, so very much, so why did I never tell them so? It makes the heart feel nice when loved ones say 'I love you' and I find I've been doing just that lately, more and more.

It's becoming natural for me to express my love to others, without it feeling awkward or forced or (god-forbid) flirty! I'm embracing platonic love with fervour, in all it's forms of wonderful feeling, and it's good for me. 

So to all of you, my friends past and present, I love all of you (and you'd better get used to it!) but no, that doesn't mean that I'm going to kiss you!


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