Thursday, June 13, 2013


Oh this song...
How is it even possible for a song to blend, accompany, wrap itself around a single moment so beautifully...  So perfectly... When this happens, I feel linear finally, like all the odd fragments in my mind become joined together as a whole and I really feel like I'm standing just where I'm meant to be standing. Today, listening to this song, I was right where I was meant to be and it was perfect.

Sitting on the St. Clair streetcar, I had almost reached my stop when the downpour cracked through, and pounded the road like it had taken enough shit from the sky. It began falling on me through cracks in the creaky ceiling, but I didn't mind. My hair was already frizzing anyway and my feet were happy in water-proof red sandals. Matching red umbrella in hand, I stepped off and out into nature's fervour, and it was fantastic. The light changed at just the right moment as I splashed through streaming rivers across the street. 

Others took refuge from the rain under an awning by the bus stop, I took refuge from the others, and took my umbrella to a curb where I could be alone in the open. Elevated up on my perch, umbrella spine pressed firmly against my cheek, I stood as still as a statue as everything swirled around me. Thousands of angry tears pouring out of the sky, after my own heart. I felt as if I was on display, under my red umbrella, in my red shoes, for the people in passing cars... streetcars trundling by. I turned my song up louder as the beating rain overhead grew more and more intense. 

Standing still...still standing still... The pavement becomes alive with motion, the city trying it's best to turn into the wild north, something it will never be. I get it though, I mirror that sentiment...every day. I hear you city, I feel your need to transform, to be something different, just for a moment. I was something different for that moment too. I was happy. I was where I was meant to be. Rain seeping through my red umbrella now, silly pieces of man-made fodder cannot withstand nature, they never will. 

We are nature though. We will always withstand because we are one. We are as indestructible as we allow ourselves to be... Put the umbrella away and let it all rain down...

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