Monday, October 15, 2012

October & Old Traditions

I love October and all things autumn. I love the festiveness of the whole season, there's something in the air around this time of year that brings the kid out in me.  It's more then just Halloween too, there's a coziness that starts to surround everything as warm coats get pulled out and pretty leaves rain down around us in the mornings.

There is definitely a place that is part of the October feeling for me, and it's the Milton Agriculture Museum.  I love this place.  It isn't open regularly anymore, but we did manage to get there one special weekend last year, and I took a whole heck of a lot of pictures to remember it.  But I realized recently, that I never posted any of them.  So here they are, all these pictures are from last October, 2011 (but not much has changed beyond my hairstyle)

It was magical coming back here with mom and dad.  I remembered so fondly coming here on class trips in the 80's, with mom as a chaperone.  I remember sitting on wooden benches with my classmates watching a video of a baby calf being born (gross).

This place is a time warp.  The tractors and carriages have been beaten by the elements, but they always have been.  It seems as if the animals are the same animals which were there so long ago (though, I suspect they are not 30 years old, those sheep!)

The earlier mentioned benches we sat on to watch the earlier mentioned calf birth video. It's strange to think that I sat on one of those very benches in grade three.

The winter / summer house.

The 'thorn birds' barn (as I've always called it) was closed this time.

Trying to make mom pretend this is her new kitchen to show her friends.

30 year old sheep?

And for posterity's sake...