Thursday, September 20, 2012

Reviving the Closet

This past weekend I was in Brampton to visit my parents, and to go to Milton again for a craft sale at the Agriculture Museum (a favourite place of mine).  I cannot believe it was a year ago we were last there, a day that lives in my memory as wonderfully as all the other days I spent there in my life.

When I'm in Brampton, I'm completely surrounded by memories as it's where I grew up and my parents still live in my childhood home, so I often think of my childhood friends and all the fun we had there.  My mind wanders to our version of The Kids in the Hall, which we filmed during every holiday (every opportunity when we had the place to ourselves for a quiet set)

The four or five of us would dig through a huge box of old dress-up clothes, pick an episode of KITH and re-shoot it.  I will never forget these moments.

Last week, as I sat here in my new, modern darkened townhouse livingroom re-watching old episodes of the Kids in the Hall on youtube, I began thinking of these times we had, and began wondering why we ever stopped?  I really feel like growing up brings us into this monotonous level of conformity and I'm not sure why life has to be like this exactly.

Those friends of old are long gone from my life (quite sadly) but I currently have a wonderful group of the most hilarious and quirky friends, filled to brimming with childlike sensibilities, and up for anything.  So why, I thought, aren't we continuing that old Kids in the Closet tradition? What's stopping us other than our grown-up minds?  We all have our own houses now, and can have a quiet set whenever we like.

So, over drinks on the weekend I explained these old movies to my current family of friends, and they were falling off their chairs with laughter.  Some had never even heard of The Kids in the Hall at all (being from Europe, CBC shows didn't make it that far across the pond).  And over beers in the back of a bar, we decided to revive the 'closet' and let ourselves be the kids at heart we all know we are, and get filming. Just for the pure fun of it.

Those days in the '90s making movies with my friends were some of the best of my life, and there is absolutely no logical reason why those days need to stay in the past. Winter is coming, the season of holing up inside. This winter, The Kids in the Closet are coming back. New cast. New crew. Same great fun.  Episode 1 is nearly complete (in my mind) and I'm happy to say that it's an original.  I think this time around, they all will be.  Guys, get our your dresses and ladies get our your suits, and prepare to have a hilarious winter!

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