Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nostalgia 864

Ok, I know a good third of my posts have something to do with nostalgia (hence the 864th nostalgic post)  I just got back from drinks with Erin on a patio, in her old neighbourhood, from a DECADE ago.  Which, funny enough, is my new neighbourhood.  But it isn't just that though. 

I know that Toronto offers a lot to a lot of people, but there's something about this city that is inherently 1950's/1960s, and I wasn't even alive then.  I find that the nostalgia that this city emanates, right into my core, comes from a place before my time.  But this place before my time echos something from my high school & college years (which was in the 1990's, so make sense of that if you can)

After our drinks (on a patio on Davenport in the west end) Erin and I walked up and down a few old residential streets, one of which she used to live on, a place I spent a lot of time.  But it wasn't only that which brought me back, but just the laundromats and shops along Davenport themselves.  I don't have any personal affiliation with those shops, but they make me feel something inside, like I lived a different life there or something.

It's this specific feeling that makes me think of a time in my life, when the most important things to me were hanging out with Kim and Laura, and watching the Kids in the Hall show.  Those little black and white segments that aired just before the show went to commercial, which showed the actors doing silly things around the city, were the very reason I ever got into the television business in the first place.  But even more then that, they portrayed a glimpse of the city which I dreamed of living in one day (which I now do) that seemed almost unattainable, and completely wish-worthy.

Those little vignettes of the city in black and white, always seemed to be random laundromats, alteration places etc. So now, when I see these little 1950's places, it makes me think of those shots, and brings me back to my childhood home, to my parents basement, when the Kids in the Hall was my escape from everything mundane, and that almost unattainable dream, which I, funnily enough, actually attained.

But attaining something so special is never quite the same as the dream which it held for you. So when I walk down a street and am reminded of that feeling, it's mega special indeed!

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