Friday, July 13, 2012

Damn You Nostalgia!

It got me again.  And if you've read much of this blog in the past, you'll know that this is not unusual! Do you know that it has taken me days to come down off the emotional roller-coaster I was riding after reading those old journals?  I should have known better!  I've done that in the past, and had the same reaction but it seems I didn't learn.

I spent a good part of my last week of vacation coming down off the adrenaline.  It's insane really. When I read those old entries, it was amazing during the reading, but afterwards I was left feeling so overwhelmed.  The real and true emotions I was feeling in the 90's came right back, and I was feeling them all over again, as if they were new, which is not what I wanted.  Three days it has taken for me to calm down.

Yesterday I met up with Anca for beer on a patio and we got to talking about this nostalgia business for quite a while.  Then, we went to a fund raiser for a film festival and were told that we were to vote on a 'coming of age' movie to screen, which best tugged at our nostalgic side.  Ok.  Then, the first performer plays her first song, which was one of the songs I was listening to all day yesterday trying to get over all my damn nostalgic emotions.  Something was out to get me.  Or perhaps something was just trying to push me over the edge so I could move on.  When Sean played (above picture) I just got all teary eyed because I kept feeling all my old teenage dramas swimming and coursing through my mind (Sean has nothing to do with those teary dramas, but his music is very filled with emotion, so it was natural)

The worst seems to be over finally.  I think I'm getting back to my modern day self now thank god.  I so need a day at the beach, which is exactly the plan tomorrow!

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