Saturday, August 27, 2011

The End of Summer

I realized this summer just how much I love summer in Ontario.  I had this realization (profoundly) when I was driving a rental car down a country dirt road, windows open and music playing.  This is a moment I have experienced every summer for years, and summer just would not be the same without it.  It is such a sacred time because it is so damn short.  6 weeks is all we get, I'd say.  6 weeks of hot, summer sun.  Sure there are another 6 weeks or so of warmth, but I'm talking straight hot summer time.  Today is August 27th, almost time for the kids to go back to school (how I remember those days!) This time of year I'm glad that I'm no longer a student or a teacher, the day after labour day is just another regular day at work for me now.

This summer has been a good one.  I can't even count the number of good times had, from learning how to hula hoop, to making a film, to camping and cottaging and all things in between.  I know a few folks are upset now, dreading the thought of the impending winter season, but honestly I'm feeling ok about it.  I love fall and I love Christmas time (and this will be the last of both in this apartment I've lived in for so many years - bittersweet - so I'll make the best of it)  Ok, a tangent: for an apartment that was a panic pick, and supposed to be only temporary, I've lived through a hell of a lot here.  I still get stuck in the past emotionally when I stare out the window, at the same view I stared at so many years ago.  I still get nostalgic when I walk to the bus stop, past the same houses and gardens (mostly unchanged) that I walked by in those years past as well.

As I was saying though, I am looking forward to this coming winter.  Last Christmas was so wonderful (one for the memories for sure) and so filled with 'memory moments' that it feels like only weeks ago.  I can remember so clearly watching old Kids in the Hall episodes (holy mega nostalgia) late into the night, in front of my christmas tree.  And I remember the childish game I created with my dad on christmas eve of "every hour all day we can open a stocking stuffer!"

I'm not sure how many more christmases I'll have at my childhood home, just as I'm not sure how many more days I have to sit here on my front porch in the sun with a beer, but I'll take it in stride I guess.  We just never know these things, and that's all part of living.

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