Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Trip Diaries of Old

Alright, in going with the theme of old time reminiscing, why not post some excerpts of old trip diaries?  I don't know why I do this to myself, publicly share so many things which truly can be held against me (in terms of embarrassment)  But when faced with writer's block, why not quote some old stuff that's already written?  Cop out?  Sure, but a potentially hilarious one.

I kept consistent diaries growing up, including extremely detailed ones of those notorious family vacations.  I think many of us took these vacations and road trips with the folks in the past, surely you understand!  The horror they could feel like, at times, while they were happening, but how wonderful they are now, engrained in the memory.  I wouldn't trade those days in for a fortune.

Prince Edward Island, Summer 1992, I was 13 years old.

Written before the trip began...
"We are going to go to town to stock up on our food I guess, and to go shopping - of course.  There is just one problem - I don't have any money.  I have $9.80 but I am spending that tonight on makeup"

"I was cursed today, and I am still in love with Leonardo DiCaprio"

Written during the trip...
"We are in the van right now on our way to PEI.  Last night I slept on the cot in my room because I made my bed so nice and didn't want to sleep in it and mess it up so I dragged the cot into my room.  Then we watched the movie Hook, it was good and long"

"About four more hours of driving until we settle down in a big Sharaton or Chimo hotel with an indoor pool, bar, sauna, exercise room, hot tub and big rooms of course, $800 a night.  But if mom is paying it will probably be a cheap prostitute paradise"

Describing the hotel room... "The room is a fair size, only smaller then most.  The bathroom is nice, but the style makes it so hard to move around, it's too small for my standards"

"It's 6:03pm here in Woodstock, New Brunswick.  We came here to the Panorama Motel...it is NOT UP TO MY STANDARDS! The pool is OK, there is a hot tub, games room and stuff indoors, but it's not nearly as nice as the Universal. The room is orange and brown and gross.  Oh yeah, I bought a shirt today, it has white and green stripes"...Later that evening, I went on and on about how great the pool and restaurant were, hmmmm I was a tough critic I guess!

"Today we had our picture taken at Grandpa's Antique Photos, I can't stop looking at our picture it is so awesome! We are going to have dinner soon (frozen pizza) You know, every night dad snores so loud and Craig and I are up all night practically talking and we whisper so mom and dad can't hear us, then every now and then we shout BOOGER!"

"Well there's no better way to start the day then a ride on the back of a horse. Today we went horseback riding"

"Mom and I went to another boardwalk while Craig and dad went to Sandspit.  Mom bought a wicker duck-shaped pot-pourri holder, and I bought a little twig chair"


"We went for a walk and saw the biggest salmon in the world.  It was a metal fountain"

In old Quebec City, on the way home from PEI "We dined at an outdoor patio restaurant, I can't remember what it was called, but it was right beside all the little shops.  It was great.  In old Quebec, which is right near the water (there was a Communist Cruiser docked there) there are so many people playing the violin in the the middle of the street"

...maybe next time I'll regale you with diary entries from my BC trip when I was 15. BAHAHA!

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