Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Camera!

So as you all know by now, Shayne has gotten way into photography.  Ever since he got his Canon Rebel T1i a year and a half ago, I stopped taking pictures completely.  This was only because in comparison to the shots he could get on his camera, mine were just terrible on my point and shoot.  It made it almost not worth it for me to even bother anymore as I was constantly disappointed in my results.  Alas, since Shayne has now upgraded to a Canon 5D MarkII, it left the Rebel without a home.  And since it was technically living in our home...I decided to buy it off of him!  So there I have it, I am now the proud owner of a camera I have no idea how to operate!

My first time out with it was at the island a couple weeks ago, and what a wonderful day (not because of the was just a wonderful day!)  I rode my bike back and forth all over the island in the sunshine with some snacks in my bag and my ninja hoop on my back.  The highlight of my day was finding a secret little patch of beach, completely out of view of everyone, and setting up shop there.  I took these pictures on my little beach between major hooping sessions!  Hooping under a tree, lakeside is an amazing way to spend a day!

The water was frigid on my feet!  I could only last a minute at a time before I couldn't feel my numb toes anymore, but it was so refreshingly worth it!  These pictures didn't turn out so well as it was my first time out with the new camera, and again, I had absolutely no idea how to use it beyond turning it on really!  I knew how to adjust the ISO and Fstop, but these are settings which were foreign to me...not knowing what an ISO or Fstop are (yeah so I went to film school and took photography classes, but I suppose too many beers have clouded my memory)

Above is my little private sanctuary, the shot is taken from the water looking back.  I was hooping there, just to the right of my bike (you can see my green hoop there on the ground!)

Some of the pictures turned out too dark, or too bright as I fooled around with settings, but you still get the idea of how beautiful this location was!

See the two birds flying by just as I snapped the shot?!

It was a wonderful day on the island...up until I was suffering so much in the hot sun on my way home (I'm a redhead after all!) that I could only make it as far as Trinity Bellwoods where I completely collapsed in the cool shade!

Later on during my holidays (which are almost over boo!) I went to high park (yesterday!)  Still having some difficulty with the camera, I think these pictures turned out slightly better.

Can you see the little fuzzy babies above??

I found that taking pictures of white swans in mid-day sun was near impossible.  Continually over-exposed and I just couldn't figure out how to fix it.  This was before I knew about the exposure setting feature :-/

So many 'models' in the park!  Though it can be hard to capture the little guys who tend to move around so much!  But still, look at how much better the quality of these pictures is over the ones I used to post from the snappy little one I used to use!

I hung out here with a book for a while which was heavenly.  I adore all these little birdhouses, I feel like I'm hanging out in such an amazing wildlife sanctuary!  Also, being that it was in the morning of a weekday, the park was practically deserted.  I've never experienced high park that empty was wonderful!!

Isn't it amazing that this bit of country can be found right in downtown Toronto?

I decided to wander away from my usual ground in the park, and go off in search of the more secluded nature trails.  Seriously, it really feels like you've taken a trip out to the countryside, but it's reachable in about 20 stops on the streetcar!  As much as I think of myself as a country girl, I don't even know exactly what poison ivy looks like, and this park is full of it...and I was wearing open sandals.  A combination of stepping very gingerly and luck worked in my favour and I had no poison encounters.

Since I naturally brought my ninja hoop along again (I rarely go places without it now) I was on the lookout for a perfect, secluded place to do some dancing, and I found it in the above picture (you can see my purse and hoop leaning against the tree)  I threw on my iPod for a while and hooped around the base of the tree...but always still a little shy and wary of folks who might see me from up on the road, or perhaps folks might wander from the trails (they never did)

I love this shot, it looks like this man is just out taking his geese for a walk!

This was a really hard shot to get due to the lighting, and I'm not too happy with it.  Again, trying to shoot white birds in mid-day sun is super hard!

Thanks for reading!  And I'll leave you with a fuzzy baby duck!

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