Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Love!

The mixture of morning sun, singing birds and Sting on the radio completely brought me back to 1996.

Reading all about Judi's travels in India!

First patio dinner of the season at the Beaconsfield with Shayne, Tess & Daniel (and getting mighty stuffed with a delicious curry quinoa veggie burger)

Sandals! Sandals! Sandals!

Hilarious reminiscing with Ange on the subway (so nice running into you lovely!)

Amazing breeze pouring through the window.

Painting my nails springtime yellow.

Farmer's market.

Busting through some shyness and going to my very first hoop jam in Dufferin Grove park.  I now officially have a hula hoop obsession.  Need more hoops!!  Seriously, I wanna be a hoop dancer by the end of the summer!

Kitties curled up in little balls.

Patio dinner at Julie's with Mark & Adam.

Seeing super pregnant Christine & Jenn at Christine's shower.  So nice to see them, and so nice to see them so wonderfully huge! They are due on the very same day (funny, as they are married to twin brothers!)

The wallpaper in Trelawnie's dining room.  It was so gorgeous, it makes the thought of hanging wallpaper bearable!

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