Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I am not exactly a morning person, but when I do manage to get myself out of bed at an early hour, it's so great (especially in these pretty, sunny, breezy months)  Last month, Shayne's schedule changed, taking him out of the house by 8am every day, which leaves me with almost two hours of time at home every morning, on my own.  

The other day he asked me what I do with that time exactly, and honestly, I really just daydream!  It isn't a lazy thing, its a refreshing recharge thing.  I open up all the windows and get the breezes blowing through our second floor apartment.  

I put some music on, make some tea, open up my laptop for some writing, get cozy in front of my livingroom window and relish the view, the breeze, the birds.  When we move next summer, I wish I could take my view and my neighbourhood with me!

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