Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Love!

Inspired by Gala Darling's Things I Love Thursday posts, I have decided to write my own weekly love post!  

Things I Loved This Week!

This black and white photo from The Sartorialist inspiring a dream

Hula hooping for the first time since childhood at the circus festival

Pin-up & pink balloons photo shoot at Harbourfront centre (and even getting to photograph the models on a nice man's golden sailboat!)

Buying my own hula hoop in Kensington Market, and hooping for hours and hours on my front patio

Chinese Man Groove Sessions!

Dancing to '50s music at the Goin' Steady party at the Gladstone

Lip-syncing to opera with Tess (and maybe a little actual opera singing, hence the raspy voice the next day!)

Sitting out on the stoop in the sun drinking cider

Almost walking into the fun folks' high times kite booby trap, and promptly getting hugged by a very happy-high stranger

Strapless shirts & long flowy skirts

Getting a little lost in the CNE grounds at Exhibition GO (but it was such a lovely warm sunny day!)

Laying in bed listening to the sounds from outside while recalling dreams

This picture of a piano tree!

Riding my bike for the first time this season to the U of T campus secret garden

Watching Maria do Chihiro's colourful make up for the truck lot photo shoot

Chasing after my boy Simon after he escaped to the outside world for the first time in his life meow! (And met a skunk in the garden too!)

The smell of wood-burning fires & BBQs on the breeze

Buying my first juicer and losing myself in wheatgrass (ick though!) and big cups of green goodness!

Why not write your own Weekly Love post too! A wonderful way to remind ourselves of some of the good things in life!

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