Wednesday, February 23, 2011

For those of you who have known me for a long, long time, I need not say a word to preface this video. I don't even need to say how much I love her.


Dreaming of spring right now, and what a great little soundtrack to do so!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

How Fast Time Moves!

Photo by: Sofia Ajram

Looking at the date of my last post, so long ago! Things have been so busy over here on happyrock, I haven't done any writing. Life definitely has a way of changing in an instant sometimes, when you are least expecting it to, and when you haven't done any planning in that direction.

I did not make any resolutions this year, but I had this drive in me to face up to some fears. Surprisingly, I have! I wasn't consciously thinking about these things too much I guess, until someone recently asked me "what's new?" my usual response of "not much" popped out of my mouth first, but then I stumbled back. "Wait a minute! That's not true at all!" And as I began listing all of the things in my life that actually were shiny and new, I felt quite a sense of accomplishment.

Since the turn of 2011, I have found myself taking singing lessons (something I've wanted to do my whole life but been too shy), volunteering for an independent film production company (we've done a zombie movie and a funny, naked lover's quarrel movie so far) performing at a bar with my cello (something only in my most wishful dreams for years) and even, surprise, buying my first house.

All of these things compiled into one month, and the year has only just begun!

Photo by: Shayne Gray

The cello performance at the bar was quite the experience. I am not a proficient player, but I've always (not so) secretly wished I were. Enter an opportunity to play my cello in public, with no rehearsal neccessary. I terrifyingly took the chance. My nerves disappeared as soon as I arrived at the bar, there was so much fun in the air, I felt instantly relaxed.

Photo by: Shayne Gray

I calmly took my seat among the other musicians, in front of the audience, and waited while the sound guy adjusted my mic. I have never played into a mic before...gulp! But still, I felt confident. However, from the first note played on the giant alto sax behind me, I realized there would be a bit of a problem. I only play by ear, and don't know what sound will come out of my cello until I play it. With the volume of all the various instruments around me, I couldn't hear myself. Eek! This meant, by the time I played a note loud enough to even know if it was the correct note, everyone in the bar would already be hearing that note, and chances are, it would be the wrong one. I panicked a bit, but hid it well and decided to pretend to play with gusto and confidence (when really my playing was a little understated a quiet) I realized that even to improvise, it's best to have a better understanding of your instrument. I guess cello lessons will be next on my line of life experiences.

Now, as for this new house thing: the papers are not officially signed, and once they are, I won't actually be living in this house for nearly two years (construction has yet to begin) I've already been decorating it in my mind. And so, here I can dream a little.

I have a little front patio, not unlike this little cafe above. It's not quite big enough to have an entire terrace set up, but I could most definitely fit a little table and chairs like this there!

I'm going to have an office nook, and though I will not have a window, how romantic would it be to recreate this? Throw in a pile of old books, some candles and a quaint little corner shelf, and there you have a dreamy little writing corner.

The living room is small, but why not use this trick of putting the couch in front of the breakfast bar? It's space saving, but we may have to dodge the toast crumbs while cleaning the counter!

And finally, another solution to a small space: shelves!