Saturday, December 18, 2010

Crawling out of the Woodwork

Best Lawn Display Ever!

My Christmas Tree!

It's December 18th, almost the end of the year, and almost the end of the Presence Process. Shayne is away in Vancouver right now, so I'm left here with some time to reflect, so to speak. It felt good to turn 32 this year, no particular reason, but it feels like it'll be a good year, and I actually feel stronger to turn older, proud almost.

Shayne took me for High Tea at the Windsor Arms!

This year was pretty uneventful, and pretty lethargic on my part. I think I may have strayed farther away from my creativity then I have in a long time, but I hope this will all change. I'm not expecting it to change on it's own, but rather, I have some plans to work on fixing this problem. I've been (nearly) completely alcohol-free for nine weeks now, one more week to go. This is a feat I am most proud of, as I never took myself to be a person who could manage in any social situation without alcohol. Honestly, in almost 15 years I haven't ever attended a function without a beer or a glass of wine in my hand, but these past few months, I've done this over, and over, and over again, and you know, it's not half bad. It kinda allows me to find joy in things that are 'real', the fun people around me, the jovial conversations and rounds of 'Mord le Sac' (played sober it is actually easier!) I have found that it's easy not to drink at parties and bars because there is certainly enough stimulation to keep my mind fun and active, alas I admit, I'm looking forward to drinking without guilt! One more week to go.

Was out 'acting my age', appropriately until 5:30am this morning (getting older and not drinking do not have any bearing on staying out until the wee hours playing crazy games). It was Daniel & Ryan's annual Christmas party which is always a blast, and always a very, very late night. Our traditional, and painful, party game normally doesn't even begin until round about 3am, when most of the guests have gone home.

A funny thing has been happening more and more frequently though, and this is what brings me to the title of this post. It seems that the world is shrinking, as I tend to run into people from my past in the most random ways. A good friend of mine brought her new guy to the party last night, and I did a triple take when I saw him. He used to live with another very good friend of mine, many years ago, and here he was, after so many years.

This happened on Halloween too. Before heading to Lee's Palace, I followed some friends to a house party being hosted by the cousin of my friend's colleague, totally random right? Turns out the 'cousin' (host of the party) is the best friend of an old friend of mine. We had an evening of beers together a year ago, and of course, his friend (my old friend) was also there, along with another guy we had hung out with over 6 years ago. There are random reunions happening everywhere to me these days, it's amazing.

Anyway, this new year will be starting off with a detox (I have never done one before), singing lessons (already paid for by Shayne, loves) and a 12 week creative process workshop. All I need to buckle down with after all of this, is my cello. We've been apart too long!

Daniel & Ryan's Wedding

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