Monday, August 16, 2010


This is simply a photo post. To all my wonderful friends with whom I want to share these photos.
The amazingness that is Shayne's pictures will be coming soon!

The restaurant on the corner.

Drinking and swimming.

You shall not pass!

Oh the celebrity crossword puzzle book, how we love thee.

The view from the living room window.

The backyard.

The kitchen.

I'm sorry Daniel, but I couldn't resist posting this one for you. Tyra would be proud (but perhaps not as proud as Ryan)

Our vehicles.

Again with the posing. Amazeballs.

This is me at my sink. Where I performed my morning ablutions.

The bedroom.

"What? It's cold!"

Our party was so happenin' even Pat decided to join in.

The chauffeur transporting the Queen (and the steerer home)

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