Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer Vacation So Far

Picture by Shayne Gray

Amazing, what else can I say? Started out my vacation carefully avoiding the crazy G20 traffic, and made it out of the city. The gals and I drove to Guelph for Michelle's tea party shower which was lovely. Directly following the shower, Erin and I made the trek from Guelph to Burk's Falls to the 'Great Blue' cottage for Daniel's birthday. Amazing. This cottage was more than any of us bargained for, and though Erin and I had a lot less time up there then everyone else (we didn't arrive until 10pm) it was way, way worth it!

Immediately upon arrival, we were treated with BBQ dinner and watermelon/strawberry/feta salad to die for, made by Tess. After dinner came campfire, birthday brownies, sparklers and of course, foggy swimming at 1am. I have never been swimming in the night fog like that, truly spectacular. We could barely see the moon at all through the fog, or each other, for that matter, through the rising mist hovering over the water's surface.

Picture by Shayne Gray

Picture by Shayne Gray

Picture by Shayne Gray

Since I didn't arrive until late, my only mission was to get up early and sit by the water alone in the morning. I didn't manage to get up quite as early as I had hoped, but I still beat everyone else, and enjoyed some early time in a muskoka chair with the banjo playing frogs.

So many men!

There were many men injured, not badly, but injured none the less.

My official first day of vacation took us to Mel Dark's place for a rooftop BBQ, check out how amazing this place is. The rooftop of her condo is a communal terrace, complete with BBQ, furniture and one hell of a view. As I was introduced to one of her friends, he and I looked at each other with that "do I know you?" confusion. Yeah, we pretty much grew up together, trippy!

Then, we went to Europe!!! Kidding, this is actually the Sunnyside Pavillion, it just looks European to me. I did however, spend Canada Day in Brampton visiting the folks, as they were just back from Europe. Lots of great photos to see, including shots of places I'd been nearly ten years earlier.

This beautiful little nook is just S/W of Roncesvalles...such a neat little find!

Shayne is completely loaded down with photo equipment because we were here to do a little photo shoot. It isn't ready yet, but I will have you know that there is an amazing shot coming to a computer screen near you....

This was the set for our shoot.

Photographer at work..

And while we're here, why not take some fun extra shots too?

Just arriving on the shores of this fine country after a long month of travels. Tyra would be proud.

World Cup fever. I have indeed caught most of the German games thus far. We lined up for half an hour, early Saturday morning, to get a table at the designated German central for the game. Fun times, but we were missing out German counterparts as they happen to be IN Germany right now.

Got wind of a little free concert happening on Saturday at Queens one particularly famous, just Cyndi Lauper!! So, had to go. Met up with Erin, Jeff and a couple of their friends, lined up for an hour to get into the fenced, stage area, but why were there so many angry lesbians in the crowd? So many angry lesbians, it's Cyndi Lauper ladies, and yes, there is a big crowd, but please just chill and have some fun!

Rounded out the week with spending the day with this gorgeous woman! Maud's last day in town was well spent avoiding the fires at Musa on Dundas (very sad-I loved that spot) and drinking the heat away at Red Light, Reposado and BQM.

Oh, and Shayne played with the Woodchoppers again at Tranzac. It was pretty awesome. The second set even had a tap dancer acting as a percussionist, amazing.

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