Friday, July 9, 2010

Country in the City

Half way through my vacation, and it's been awesome, moving way too fast though. I've still been filled with thoughts of the fresh air of the country, especially since it's been so damn hot here. After a few days of sitting out the heat during the day, and not venturing out until after dark, I decided to take myself to the country, so to speak.

Not exactly countryside, but a good second choice. I packed up a book, a blanket and a camera, and headed west to one of my favourite places in the city. Hours later, I was still wandering the nooks and pathways, just letting everything melt away.

Sure, the heat was oppressive, but with so many moments passing under shade, it hardly mattered. The only times I was stuck standing in direct sunlight were those waiting for a duck or a chipmunk to please lift your head for my picture gah!

I am so disappointed in my camera, it just isn't cutting it anymore. So many photos were ruined by the unfocusing haze that seemed to emanate from my camera itself. Trying to take a photo of something right in front of me, and it just plain wouldn't focus and the colours just wouldn't pop.

After a long walk, I threw down my blanket, lay back and stared up into the trees above. I found myself so full of memories focused around my cottage from way back in the day. Times of childhood when creative dreams were so real, and life was open to become anything, and everything was possible. I would spend hours with the trees and the birds, completely living in my own head, within nature, and I was happy. Even reading a book no longer has quite the same appeal as it did back in those days.

Then a train went by, and on their left they could witness the common north American girl trying to escape the reality of her city life, while being bitten by red ants. Those things sting like a bitch!

Took a wander through the hillside gardens, a gorgeous, quiet, tree shaded hideaway enveloped by gurgling streams and tall pines. Heaven really.

I could sit here on this bridge and be part of this scene all day.

It was so hot, the birds were panting.

Say cheese! I love how they're all looking at the camera.

The Emu: Honestly one of the freakiest animals in nature, I couldn't bring myself to get to close to him, the red eyes and open, panting mouth got to me too much.

If you have to live in the city, this is the way to do it best.

The trip home was where the sunburn kicked into high gear. Waiting for the streetcar forever out on the Queensway in the burning sun...but I love you summer, I really really do!

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