Sunday, June 20, 2010

You Never Really Grow Up...Do You?

Just when you feel a little on the older side, for going for evening 'strolls' after dinner (it's nice, a big meal, then a walk through the neighbourhood) you come across something on your 'stroll' which reminds you that you are still ridiculously immature. Like this:

A fence wearing underwear.

Then, when you decide to take in a classical concert at a church (piano vs. violin - friends of Shayne's) you decide you aren't quite ready to head home, but rather follow the sounds coming from Queen's stumble upon this:

Now I challenge anyone to come across this wonderland and not feel like a kid in a candy forest. Holy scheisse I was in fantasy-candy-sparkly-land.

After a walk through bubblegum fields (not stoned, sadly, if I'd known we were coming across this, I would have prepared...not that we needed to though as these 'sculptures' speak for their acid-tripped selves)

We watched the last hour of the Salif Keita concert...ok, I watched it. Shayne, who's latest hobby is photography, was climbing the scaffolding behind the stage to capture the whole thing. I danced on my own. You become used to that when your boyfriend is the photographer (though I'm truly in full support as he is very talented)

Ended the dreamy night with drinks in dreamy company on Tess & Daniel's patio overlooking the yards and garages of little Portugal, surrounded by tea lights, sipping on Pimms. Yummy!

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