Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So its Almost Summertime!

Been riding my bike like crazy, that old bike of my mom's I love so much. No basket yet, so I've been stuck with a backpack...ten speed bike + backpack makes me feel like a different kind of gal, the kind of gal who is at home on a speedy, downtown bike. I'm used to upright cruiser and basket a la girlie.

Only two more weeks of work left until vacation, and beginning it (sort of) by getting out of the city. G20/G8 weekend is seeing me drive to Guelph in the morning, then from there through Huntsville (of course, where G8 is happening) up to Burk's Falls. I shall be stuck in traffic for HOURS but the pay off will be cottage time with friends...once I FINALLY arrive, likely around 10pm on Saturday. I am avoiding Toronto driving at all costs, and will in fact, bypass it entirely through Orangeville up to cottage country. One night, and one day at the cottage only, but its all enough. A few nights later, why not possibly maybe have a rooftop BBQ with new friends!

Speaking of friends, who, may I say, has just moved to Toronto for the first time, but Trev. Erin's pile o' cuz who we stayed with years ago in Burnaby. We've been seeing lots of him, and there will be lots more chill time this summer...though I have yet to get Trev and Erin into the same vicinity as yet, but it shall not be long.

What else for me? Not much more then drinking, biking, wandering and working on my latest paintings. It's been a slow start on these paintings, as it's been quite a while since I've painted anything, but once I get going, the paint will get flowing.

Can I just say that the German soccer team has a lot of fans? I happen to have quite a few German friends and acquaintances these days, and I've been welcomed into the FIFA cheering circles of zee Germans. They are a crazy fun crowd to watch a soccer game with, I was attacked by red, yellow and black oil pastels the other day, as no one can be at the main German hotspot to watch soccer, without sporting a couple (or more) German flags painted on their body...and I was happy to oblige. In fact, the very first time I ever heard Shayne speak German was two years ago at the Euro-Cup, when he was speaking with Daniel on the phone...love.blush. It was awesome.

I have been absolutely awful with my picture taking as of late. I have not taken a single photo in weeks. Now that Shayne is a photographer (he has been hired for a wedding, and has supplied all the photos for the press kit of a very amazing band -- The Weber Brothers) I've been slacking. I've been riding the wave of his photos, and let me tell you, friends of mine have been wondering where the heck my photos are. They're right, it's time to whip out the camera every now and then again. It's just that in comparison to Shayne's DSLR, my camera is, well, scheisse.

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