Saturday, June 5, 2010

Photo by Tim Walker

I have been reading this book lately that is about so much death/mortality. It's fiction (very famous fiction as the movie version is in theatres right now) and it's been making me think so much about the fragility of life. It has made me want to spend much more time with my family.

My parents came down to the city today for a visit before they go off to Europe. We took some wine and a picnic lunch to High Park and sat in the grass. They hadn't been to that park since my mom was pregnant with me. I showed them my old photo albums from when I was in Europe for the first time, so they could see more what Rome, Florence and Venice look like.

After a walk through the park, they went off back home and I went up to the bike shop to pick up my mom's old bike. Riding it home, I was a little unsure how stable it was though, it's pretty old and even with new tires, it's a little wobbly and the brakes don't brake much.

My latest project: trying to learn more old classic rock bands/tunes. Wish me luck! I've been spending my work days under headphones listening to Deep Tracks on SiriusXM...I got a week free trial. No point in buying it though as I can't get it to work at home on my mac. That's life, back to enjoying the sunshine!

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