Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sunny Afternoons

Photo by francesca-jane

Was just about to say "good afternoon" but realized it's nearly 10pm, but damn it's hot. Love it. I had to wear a long summer dress to work today and go for a walk at lunch. Got to my destination glowing with the sun, just to face the folks who are already bashing the heat! Enjoy it now peeps, because we've had a lot of winter. Wait a few more months before ya bash the oppressive beauty.

Photo of stunning ladies Lara & Christine by Shayne Gray

I just threw my itunes into shuffle and awaited the randomness...began with Linda Perhacs, and now...Kris Kristofferson? Where did I get this stuff? I don't recall ever having any Kris Kristofferson. I do recall, however, being a little tyke and giggling over my parents "A Star is Born" album cover with KK and Barbara because they were nude *giggle giggle*

Photo of Mr. Dino Marco & Disco Diva Christine by Shayne Gray

Been spending every evening sitting on the stoop drinking cider...too much drinking but that's what this new hot weather is good for, taking off the bra and shoes and kicking back outside with a brew.

Photo of Me & Dino Marco by Shayne Gray

This Saturday is the giant garage sale for Habitat for Humanity. Come by Palmerston Ave between College and Harbord for many good finds for charity, street wide sale. I'll be stationed at 391 Palmerston, we'll have music and cookies and I'm offloading 4 garbage bags full of clothes, shoes and purses so come by, say hello and help relieve me of some of my drawer filling clutter. What doesn't sell is going to the Diabetes Assoc. for free.

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