Friday, May 21, 2010

Photo of Arlt. set up by Shayne Gray

Just spent the last couple hours sipping booze on my front lawn. Of course I say lawn lightly, it's paved, but many of you already know that.

Tonight just proved the awesomeness that will be the salon party of the summer. I've been looking to move for a while now because I want a yard, but realize that I have one, I just need to utilize it better. I have a front yard, in little Portugal, therefore, it's paved. So, I've decided that I must return the favour of all the amazing dinner parties my dear friends have invited me to, and throw one myself. I don't have room in my house, so it's going to be a front sidewalk party.

Those who sing, recite or play instruments are encouraged to perform. Those who would like to cruise by my place on Gladstone (night TBA) are welcome to drop by and drop some change into the open guitar case.

I was inspired by the sidewalk dinner party I stumbled upon in Berlin, Prenzlauerberg, it's gonna be great. Moonlight/candlelight/Christmas light outdoor sidewalk dinner party. Will keep you posted.


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