Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Hippie Weekend!

It was just that. I think I spent more time outside this past weekend, then any other time this year to date. It was like a mini vacation, those days where you wake up, leave the hotel in the morning, and don't find yourself back at the hotel until morning again.

Saturday morning I got up way earlier then I ever normally choose to on a Saturday, for the Planet Palmerston garage sale (which was amazing and raised $3000 for Habitat for Humanity!) There are a lot of girls out there today wearing old dresses of mine (not $3000 worth hahaha) The old long white dress with the epic stain even sold (the stain is barely noticeable now after many bleachings) I spilled an entire glass of red wine down it, years ago at Jerry's barbarian birthday, and tried removing it all with a Tide stick...

Wrapping up the sale, we all settled in to Daniel and Ryan's backyard for a BBQ and beer, and a group stroll to The Big Chill for an ice cream on the patio. Long ago were the days when I ate mint chocolate chip ice cream, but the coloured picnic tables were screaming childhood, so I gave it a try. I fell in love with my green ice cream!

Pitchers of gin/tonics later, then dinner on the patio of La Hacienda (delicious, but heavy after a long day in the sun) caused me to practically run home in an emergency (TMI?)

Yesterday, took my mom's old bike up to the shop to be fixed finally. I'm so excited to ride it. She bought that bike round about 1970 from The Bay, using my dad's employee discount. Many years later, she cycled a baby me around on the back of that thing in a little white plastic baby bike seat. Now, I'll be riding it around town, so happy.

From there, off to visit Cory and Jerry as he sketched away his drawing of the day. Attempted to sit on the deck for a while, but were continually dive-bombed by nesting pigeons, so that didn't last long.

Ended the day with a backyard BBQ at Erin's place to welcome her new roommate, a nifty guy from the old punk rock scene with lots of stories to share. Walked home late at night with blisters on my filthy summer feet.

Life is good.

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