Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Hippie Weekend!

It was just that. I think I spent more time outside this past weekend, then any other time this year to date. It was like a mini vacation, those days where you wake up, leave the hotel in the morning, and don't find yourself back at the hotel until morning again.

Saturday morning I got up way earlier then I ever normally choose to on a Saturday, for the Planet Palmerston garage sale (which was amazing and raised $3000 for Habitat for Humanity!) There are a lot of girls out there today wearing old dresses of mine (not $3000 worth hahaha) The old long white dress with the epic stain even sold (the stain is barely noticeable now after many bleachings) I spilled an entire glass of red wine down it, years ago at Jerry's barbarian birthday, and tried removing it all with a Tide stick...

Wrapping up the sale, we all settled in to Daniel and Ryan's backyard for a BBQ and beer, and a group stroll to The Big Chill for an ice cream on the patio. Long ago were the days when I ate mint chocolate chip ice cream, but the coloured picnic tables were screaming childhood, so I gave it a try. I fell in love with my green ice cream!

Pitchers of gin/tonics later, then dinner on the patio of La Hacienda (delicious, but heavy after a long day in the sun) caused me to practically run home in an emergency (TMI?)

Yesterday, took my mom's old bike up to the shop to be fixed finally. I'm so excited to ride it. She bought that bike round about 1970 from The Bay, using my dad's employee discount. Many years later, she cycled a baby me around on the back of that thing in a little white plastic baby bike seat. Now, I'll be riding it around town, so happy.

From there, off to visit Cory and Jerry as he sketched away his drawing of the day. Attempted to sit on the deck for a while, but were continually dive-bombed by nesting pigeons, so that didn't last long.

Ended the day with a backyard BBQ at Erin's place to welcome her new roommate, a nifty guy from the old punk rock scene with lots of stories to share. Walked home late at night with blisters on my filthy summer feet.

Life is good.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Juuuuuuust got back from Julie's. It's an old, sentimental, memory filled, romantic spot, and I love. Christmas lights and gin martinis go very well together.

One night last year, Shayne was out and about solo, and he came across a house he thought I would instantly love. He took me around the streets the next day in search of the mysterious wonder house to show off this place which would surely be beloved to me...but he couldn't find it. Now, a year later, he says he found the house, and he has to show me! How right he was. In fact, I know the house well and it has long been one of my favourites. We snuck around the alley, spying through the gates into the yard...oh I wish. I'm sure I'm not the only one who adores this place :)

Don't forget!! See you tomorrow at the Palmerston garage sale!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sunny Afternoons

Photo by francesca-jane

Was just about to say "good afternoon" but realized it's nearly 10pm, but damn it's hot. Love it. I had to wear a long summer dress to work today and go for a walk at lunch. Got to my destination glowing with the sun, just to face the folks who are already bashing the heat! Enjoy it now peeps, because we've had a lot of winter. Wait a few more months before ya bash the oppressive beauty.

Photo of stunning ladies Lara & Christine by Shayne Gray

I just threw my itunes into shuffle and awaited the randomness...began with Linda Perhacs, and now...Kris Kristofferson? Where did I get this stuff? I don't recall ever having any Kris Kristofferson. I do recall, however, being a little tyke and giggling over my parents "A Star is Born" album cover with KK and Barbara because they were nude *giggle giggle*

Photo of Mr. Dino Marco & Disco Diva Christine by Shayne Gray

Been spending every evening sitting on the stoop drinking cider...too much drinking but that's what this new hot weather is good for, taking off the bra and shoes and kicking back outside with a brew.

Photo of Me & Dino Marco by Shayne Gray

This Saturday is the giant garage sale for Habitat for Humanity. Come by Palmerston Ave between College and Harbord for many good finds for charity, street wide sale. I'll be stationed at 391 Palmerston, we'll have music and cookies and I'm offloading 4 garbage bags full of clothes, shoes and purses so come by, say hello and help relieve me of some of my drawer filling clutter. What doesn't sell is going to the Diabetes Assoc. for free.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Photo of Arlt. set up by Shayne Gray

Just spent the last couple hours sipping booze on my front lawn. Of course I say lawn lightly, it's paved, but many of you already know that.

Tonight just proved the awesomeness that will be the salon party of the summer. I've been looking to move for a while now because I want a yard, but realize that I have one, I just need to utilize it better. I have a front yard, in little Portugal, therefore, it's paved. So, I've decided that I must return the favour of all the amazing dinner parties my dear friends have invited me to, and throw one myself. I don't have room in my house, so it's going to be a front sidewalk party.

Those who sing, recite or play instruments are encouraged to perform. Those who would like to cruise by my place on Gladstone (night TBA) are welcome to drop by and drop some change into the open guitar case.

I was inspired by the sidewalk dinner party I stumbled upon in Berlin, Prenzlauerberg, it's gonna be great. Moonlight/candlelight/Christmas light outdoor sidewalk dinner party. Will keep you posted.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Couple of Archives

Just a couple of posts from a year ago that still resonate with me...
Gotta go for now!

Be Good to Your Inner Child

Sometimes Things Just Resonate

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Love in the Time of Sedaris

I have always been a fan of reading, but I admit that for most of my life, I was a strict consumer of best sellers and Oprah approved books. I still am, of course, but over the last 6 years or so, I've been learning to broaden my literary horizon. Often times, these things depend on the company you keep, spending days and days with people who prefer classic or obscure literature, I challenge you not to give in, and give it a try.

When I first discovered Kurt Vonnegut, Jack Kerouac and Hermann Hesse (three of many new authors to me at the time) I was pleasantly surprised. These were names I'd heard before, but knew nothing about. I associated their books with dull, old, high-school appointed reading I'd have to slog through. Without the misadventures of easy reading, I wasn't interested. What changed my mind, or should I say, what opened my mind, was simply a day of having no new book to take on the subway with me, I grabbed a random book off the shelf, and thought, 'hmm not bad'.

I don't profess to have read many books by these authors, rather if you test me on any one of them, I'd fail miserably, but they launched me forward into my own literary discoveries. Books by Daniel Quinn, which burst the proverbial bubble that surrounded the life I thought was real, and changed my world-view permanently. I was finally able to read Henry Miller and not bore myself to death, it wasn't until the third reading of Tropic of Cancer, that I was able to complete it. It just took an understanding of that particular style, taking it for what it was, and appreciating it. I fell in love with Anais Nin, wishing that I could live her word-filled, experience-ridden life. She was 28 when she wrote "Henry & June" and I was nearly 27 when I read it. Being almost the same age as the author, it made me think quite a bit about the existence I was living. My life certainly didn't contain the sexual exploits, nor did I wish it to, but the mere fact that she was living, just the way she chose, struck me down.

Eventually, I lost access to those extensive bookshelves, so was on a solo literary journey. This is when I discovered blogs, which I believe are, in a sense, a modern form of guerrilla style writing, minus having a publisher and payment. Books of short stories and essays by emerging authors, again, near my age. Miranda July, Stephen Chbosky and my favourite, Sloane Crosley. For those of you who followed my 'story a day' venture, know that it had everything to do with Sloane Crosley, an endless source of inspiration for me, a voice so like my own, I felt relieved and inspired. Somewhere along the Sloane Crosley lines, I read that a big inspiration of hers was David Sedaris. Now, this was an author I had definitely heard of, but mistakenly held in the same regard as Kerouac and Burroughs - dead.

Since Crosley was such a huge inspiration to me, I felt I had to begin reading the books by one of her inspirations. I looked up Sedaris to find out what his books were called, and any more info on him and what?? He's alive and young and living in New York City? Was this the same Sedaris I had thought was a long dead, fogey, classic author? Shocked. I've now read his first two books, personal essays and fictional short stories filled with cringe-worthy dark humour and I'm hooked. But why do I always find myself reading books which continue to rip away at the few remaining shreds of my bubble. Sedaris' stories are wicked, twisted, revealing stories of the pure reality of the human condition, and David Sedaris, I am so glad I discovered you.