Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The month began with a visit from Bruno, an old (young) friend who I met in Cuba years ago. I was there with a couple girlfriends in off season, playing in the daily rain at an all inclusive resort, my first (and only to date) stay at a resort. It was a lot of fun, interspersed with much emotional drama (three girls going through personal & life changes) If any of you ever feel like you need time to reflect and throw around a little drama, go on vacation with girlfriends. Even if you are not going through drama yourself, you'll be pulled into it.

One of the other resorters we befriended was a crazy little French guy from Quebec who I've stayed in touch with ever since. He drove down to the city for the long weekend in his tiny red convertible Miata, and promptly got a ticket, got accosted by a drunk lesbian and his clothes pissed on by my cat. Welcome to Toronto.

We took a day trip to Niagara Falls which is just as fun as you make it, and we made it fun. Some people you just click with and there's never a shortage of humour, or of Phil Collins for that matter. Not sure how it happened, but the song of the weekend was In the Air Tonight and I thought that poor Shayne was just about ready to kill the stereo.

Photo by Shayne Gray

This month also brought a new change to my life in the form of Shayne moving in with me. Circumstance had it that he had to move out of his apartment, and instead of finding another place (he's here all the time anyway) we decided it was time for him to descend into the mess that is my life ...not that kind of mess, I'm really talking here about literal clutter and un-vacuumed carpets!

Game nights at Casa Palmerston are still going strong, and still interspersed with late night rounds of Mord le Sac. The ever muscle pulling, ache the next day, drunken hilarity of trying to pick up a piece of paper off the floor with nothing more then your mouth...from a standing position.

Photo by Shayne Gray

An amazing cous cous dinner party was thrown by Christine and Marco, and what a delight that was! Christine is really one of the most talented cooks and hostesses I know, and much fun was had by all. Christine & Marco really own the most fabulous music collection on the planet which gets us dancing and runway walking down the hall. An original flash-dance performance was put on by Mel, who was also the drink-lady of the evening mixing up her invented concoction of Camel Spit Coolers. Delicious!

Through all the beautiful weather and times had with friends, I've spent numerous hours in High Park, which is my latest obsession. I can't seem to stay away from that park for more then a few days until I need my fix again. It's my favourite place on earth right now and I've even been looking at apartments in the area. So picky though, if the place isn't dead on perfect what I want, I keep looking. I've rented for too long and settled too many times. It's time for my perfect home.