Thursday, March 4, 2010


I just now stumbled upon this gorgeous photo by Kerri-Ann Pink and it filled me with so many feelings! I love it when a piece of art can do this to you.

What do you see?

To me, this is what it feels like to grow up. You are still a child, but too old to be considered little, and yet you are too young to be considered big. Your dreams are still those of childhood, and you still wish to play make-believe, but you know you are too big now, so you imagine by yourself. You have not yet emotionally grown out of your toys, but you have grown too tall for your beloved rocking horse. You still have fun rocking away, and yet you are sad. You don't know exactly why you feel sad, but your feelings are changing. Your magical make-believe world is beginning to become slightly too real, but you hold on with all of your might, before you slowly start to admit defeat. You are growing up, and as excited as you are, it's a little scary, and different. Life is filled with change.

My Wise Horse by Kerri-Anne Pink

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