Wednesday, March 3, 2010


The past few months I have been hungry! I don't know what it is, but all I want to do is eat and I dream of pizza, peanut butter, burgers, fries, pasta oh how I love thee! If I could eat a box of Kraft dinner every day, I would (and sometimes I do) I think KD is a north American delicacy which should be appreciated more.

But, and there is a but, these wonderful things are the direct cause of waist line loss. It creeps up on you slowly so you don't realize it at first, but then, when you're getting ready for a dinner party and you can't zip up your dress, you know there's a problem. I ignored the problem though because I just can't give up what I love.

So I thought, I'll exercise more, start going back to the gym I've been paying for all this time; but I hate it and it's not happening. Years ago, I was grossly under-employed with lots of daytime hours to fill, so I spent my time at the gym. Running on treadmills listening to Evanescence (it was 2003) I whipped that ass into shape. Now though, working 9 hour days, it's hard to find the time. When I do have the time, I'm not motivated; the gym and I have cut our ties.

So, with summer around the corner bringing tank tops and bridesmaid dresses, I'm getting worried. It's not to say that image is hugely important for me, and I'm not coming down on myself, but it comes down to how I feel. When the sun is shining and the leafy park is beckoning, you want to feel good no? I have a collection of pretty summer dresses which don't fit anymore, and I'd rather take the money saved on buying new dresses and go on a mini vacation.

This brings me to the point of this ridiculous post: I'm going new-agey for the rest of the week and I'm cutting out carbs. I've been on this "diet" for 4 hours now and I'm hungry. I just want a damn timbit. Why only a week? Goals have to be reached in small increments. If we give ourselves little milestones, we'll accomplish more and feel better about ourselves.

So it's decided, one way or another, I will be in shape this summer and I will be healthy, filled with energy and laughter!

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