Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another Weekend

What a quick little week it was! Last weekend, we stayed in for the most part as it was pissing rain. This weekend, pretty low key also. Friday night I got hooked into finally building my own website, something I've been meaning to do for years but like everything else, didn't get around to. It is SO easy now to make your own site, if you have a mac, just launch iWeb and there you go. Website. Ok, it's quite a bit more involved then that, very easy to create, but lots of work too. I haven't even hit on the prettiness yet, just trying to get it built and get all the stuff on it, and it's page after page after link after link.... will be launching soon so stay tuned for art and story madness.

This past year, Shayne and I have discovered a little secret to keeping a relationship interesting. This little secret is just one little way, and that is: answer craigslist ads. Seriously, there are people out there looking for all sorts of people to do things for them, and if you are willing, it can end up being hilarious fun. A few months back, we went to an open casting call for a modelling agency. No real desire to be part of an agency, but the people watching at the open call was insane. There is no end to the fame obsessed parents and their poorly (sadly) pushed children. We did a few interviews, had our picture taken then told them it wasn't for us and went for lunch, but we had lots to talk about for the rest of the day.

Shayne has volunteered his time for photographers who are building up their portfolios, and has had a great time! He has gone on mini experimental music retreats and met some enticingly strange folks. So I decided to answer an ad too (thank you Anca for sending me the link!), a local photographer looking for a couple to model for some wedding / engagement shots for his website. Off to the park we went yesterday morning for what turned out to be a great way to spend a morning! The photographer in question ended up being a practical neighbour of ours, and a really great guy! We had so much fun frolicking in the park all morning as he took hundreds of pictures of us!

Funny how timing works out, as I went from modelling for engagement pictures, and straight to meeting my girls for more bridesmaid dress shopping. So fun. Being in a room with your best girls, hilariously trying on chiffony gowns and posing for pictures truly is a fun way to spend an afternoon!

Good deed for the week: on our way to dinner last night, we passed by a furniture store (a very, very expensive one) and discovered 4 acrylic chairs with $200 price tags stuck on each of them, left outside! (that's $800 worth of chair on the sidewalk). The store was long closed up for the day, and there was no one in sight, so clearly someone fucked up and forgot to bring them back in. After debating and weighing the pros and cons (if we take them we'll have bad karma and if we leave them, someone will definitely steal them) we decided to carry them all back to my place, write a note saying we had done so, including my email address for contact and I taped it to the window of the store. So, if I hear back, the chairs will be returned. If I don't, well, I've got myself some snazzy new chairs!

Dinner: decided to try out a local Thai place and it was right out of a movie (a questionable B-movie) The food and service was great, absolutely adorable staff, it was the ambiance which had us laughing in stitches the whole time and wanting to bust out a ho-down. Tiki inspired everything with a soundtrack of uber-religious tunes reeking of Christmas carols, and giving way to a few Ave Maria's and then straight up country western knee slappers, all while sipping on electric green sour apple martinis (or as we decided martoonies or marthreenis) and chomping on mango chicken and curry pad thai. Just when I was about to burst, we were served a free fried banana and ice cream desert...I decided I wasn't full anymore as it was amazing. The rest of the evening was spent doing nothing but drinking and digesting.

Today I have the house to myself. Just been cleaning and singing my heart out, they're filming a movie around the corner so my street is closed off. Poor security guards have been standing on the corner doing absolutely nothing all day. I'm off to finish my wine, make the boy a glorious dinner and then to Kalendar to meet up with my farm-house crew for drinks!

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