Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Story Break Picture Post!!

I have been so busy lately, but that is no excuse to not post stories!!! I promised you pictures from the past, including awkward teens, and striped overalls...so here they are! Fierce fashion and hairstyles... Well if I'm going to cop out on a story, I can at the very least give you some laughs.


Lori said...


Black and white striped overalls, straightend bangs and red chunky earings = we would have been BEST friends back in the day!

Thanks for sharing these awesome pics :)


Nathalie Kyrou said...

Cristy, we always discuss your hairstyles, but I have to say: those photos of you with curly blonde hair when you were young, standing in your garden...wow, you look SOOOO different - I hardly recognised you! You are truly a chameleon. A beautiful one! :-)