Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Cristy Wheel

I love being laughed at. Really, making people laugh is ultimately the one and only true thing which makes me happy. I'm talking about the kind of happy where only happy exists. Making someone truly laugh transports you to a place where so many good things are happening. Think about it: when you make someone laugh, I'm sure the following things occur...

You begin laughing, because it's impossible not to laugh when someone else is laughing, especially when you've caused the laughter, and laughter feels good. You feel appreciated, because when you make someone laugh, you know you have made someone else feel happy, and that laughter is a big old appreciation gesture, and then you feel really loved at the end of it.

These are all the emotions I go through when I make people laugh, and I love it. This may have something to do with a little nick name I picked up in college, round about 12 years ago: The Cristy Wheel. At first I didn't understand it, and really needed it to be drilled into my head. It simply meant that the 'wheels were churning slowing in my head, causing everyone lots of laughter'. This made me happy, in an ass-backwards kind of way. You might wonder how having people laugh at my slowly processing mind is a good thing, well that's easy. If I can make someone laugh, I really don't care if it's through wit, or through idiocy, the fact is that I've made someone feel joy. Over and over, without even trying, my dimness was causing laughter all over town, and it felt great. The Cristy Wheel was turning. Very, very slowly.

Though I haven't heard this endearing term in a while, I still have my moments, and this story was inspired by one such very moment that happened last night. Opening gala at the Bata Shoe Museum, we were enjoying the Renaissance 'chopines' with new (and wonderful) friends Christine and Marco. Staring at a painting, I remarked that the reason the poor kids in the painting look so dismal is because back then, they had to stand there for 20 minutes, waiting for the camera shutter. Instant burst of laughter. Of course, I immediately think they're laughing because cameras hadn't been invented yet (bueno, so they hadn't) but no, of course the reason they were laughing was because we were looking at a painting! Indeed, I suppose no camera shutter need go off for a painting.

Sadly, I've forgotten most of my college day "Cristy Wheel" moments, but every now and then a friend reminds me of one. Hmmmm perhaps I can recall a time when my roommate, and best friend, was wondering if a certain guy had her phone number. My grand solution (and I was very excited about this solution) was simply to ask him if he had her number, when he called her. She immediately began laughing, and couldn't hold it together to explain to me what I had just said, and while she was trying to catch her breath, I continued to say "Trust me! This plan is fool-proof". And honestly, my innocence kills me sometimes.

Alas, there have been other times when the "Wheel" has been less then stellar, read here and here (please do! They're funny stories!) But, these moments just make for future, re-living laughter (and that's still good too, no?) In conclusion, laugh lots, truly. And if you don't mind making a fool of yourself in front of your friends, then go ahead and make a fool of yourself. Trust me, it'll feel good when you see those sparkles in their eyes!

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