Sunday, February 21, 2010

Big Night

Since I spoke yesterday of this enormous timpano we were going to bake, I decided that today, instead of a story (a little hungover for that) I'd post the pictures from the evening!

Tess and Daniel went completely over the top amazing in their planning and decor, note the gorgeous table setting above! Yellow and white colour scheme, candles, pussywillows and the smell of tomato sauce bubbling on the stove. They even had the final touch of the movie of the night, the inspiration for everything, "Big Night" playing on repeat on top of the fridge. Every now and then we'd pause our music to take in a scene!

Delicious antipasti and primo of grilled vegetables and lentil herring salad...and lots and lots of delicious Italian wines.

The chef at work, beating that dough into submission, we were getting even more excited about building the timpano together.

Impromptu kitchen dance parties broke out as the dough was dropped into the giant bowl (see the centre of the table) Cameras came out and I explained yet again the beauty of "horrible" pictures. Those hilarious moments when photographing each other making the most horrible faces see, if the intention is to look horrible, the worst that can happen is that you look good! ...note, I have not included any of these shots here, they are 'round the table fun only.

Though I must say, I love how Miguel's head looks distorted by this sneaky wine glass! Notice the place cards...

The bowl of dough, beginning to be filled with pasta, meat sauce, vegetables, 12 hard boiled eggs, sausages, 15 meatballs and cheese, all layered upon layer upon layer.....

The final top off of parmesan and 4 more eggs...raw.

Closing up the top was a team effort, and then into the oven it went! We all took a turn at holding the dish to feel the sheer weight of was gym worthy.

Beautiful portraits of our hosts, taken by Miguel.


Alas, it wasn't quite ready yet, so it went in for another half hour...and we kept drinking...and laughing...and dancing!

More impromptu dance parties!

Finally, ready for the first cut and serve!
And it. Was. Delicious.

Enjoy we did!
Finishing off the evening with espresso, and wonderful homemade cake. What a big night indeed!


Christine Rochet-Jacob. said...

Great memories,great post- BIG NIGHT indeed! Hum, just wanted to remind you of the final touch that might be responsible for your hangover: the ultimate "morbida Grappa"!!!

crispy said...

Yes! The grappa! How could I have forgotten to mention it! Also...that last Pimm's cocktail at 3am...yummy!!

Jillybean said...

That sneaky wine glass! :) Super cute. Dinner looked so good. Mmmm