Wednesday, February 3, 2010

As Fate Would Have It

Sometimes, when we put our minds to something, fate seems to step in. In a bad way. At the most inopportune moments. Alas, just before I decide to sit down and begin story number one of this crazy venture of mine, I slice open the pad of my left index finger, clear from left to right. I must ignore this very early bump in the road, and carry on dear friends. So with bandage on finger, I'll begin.

Me: actually closer to 8 years old

Do you recall being 10? That magical first year of double digits. Finally the oldest in your school, you felt you had finally reached an age of respect. To go back a little, way back (to pre-school) I remember thinking that a 10 year old was the pinnacle of the "big kid". The 10 year olds were the mature, scary, tall being I strived to be, every short day of my midget like life. I recall that day in preschool, when I asked a girl how old she was, and when she answered "I'm 10" with her nose high in the air, my dreams were shattered. She was no bigger then I! It just simply wasn't fair. All that time thinking that once I finally reached 10, I would be an adult, and here, in front of me was a girl, supposedly 10, not an inch bigger then I. I suppose I was too young to know when someone was lying, although I was surely not too young to lie on my own.

A memory of my 10 year old days, which has kicked around in my head all these years, has been in the form of a song. I was a natural performer as a child, and performed in my bedroom almost daily. When it was announced that we'd be having a little concert at school, I began rehearsing my number with so much gusto, I could picture myself on stage, a sensation in front of so many parents! Though, this memory also confuses me: why would an elementary school put on a concert which a) involved lip-syncing, and b) be canceled? This concert never did happen, so I question the legitimacy of my memory. Anyhow, what I do remember for sure is that I had this idea in my head that I would perform the best, most incredible, most entertaining lip-sync that any parent had ever seen in any school gymnasium. Not to mention the adoration of all my fellow 10 year olds, and teeny-boppers who would surely wish to be just like me. All of this attention would happen in :30 seconds. In :30 seconds, I would single-handedly become the greatest 10 year old who ever walked the stage. Did I mention my performance was only :30 seconds long?

This song in question, which was to be my lip-syncing masterpiece has been a song I have remembered since. I have hummed it on occasion, and sang the words out loud as they still swim around in my 31 year old brain. I knew that I had heard this song on one of my dad's tapes in 1988, in fact, I believed it was a "secret song". Though I'm not entirely sure if secret songs existed on tapes, this is how I remember it. I have gone thorough my dad's tapes many times looking for it, to no avail. I thought it must have been on Madonna's 'True Blue', but why would this song ever be on a Madonna tape? And if it were, no one would look at me like my eye was loose in it's socket when I asked them about it. Was it Katrina and the Waves? Nope, that was 'Sun Street' I had searched high and low on google for this song...again, nothing. It was suggested to me that perhaps I had the lyrics wrong? No! Not possible! I would never (gasp!) mix up the lyrics to this most special song! Well, after endless searching, I found it (yep, I had the lyrics slightly wrong - enough to fool google).

So, without further ado, I give you my most cherished, 10 year old song. The performance that would have shot me instantly to stardom, wearing the yellow floppy sunhat I had planned to lip sync it in, had, of course, the concert not been canceled.

And finally, where memories are concerned, don't even get me started on Cheese Willikers....

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