Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Where Was I?

For the week following Christmas, Shayne and I flew to California to spend some time with his Vancouver family. It was my first time meeting Shayne's mom, and we had a lovely time. The suburbs of LA are so spread out, you need a car to get around, which we had, but it makes for a lot of car time! It was a good old fashioned family car trip, with Shayne's mom and step-dad up front, while Shayne, Shaugnessy and I squished in the back.

Getting to California in the first place was the hard part. Traveling during the holiday season, and the day after an attempted (supposed) terrorist attack wasn't fun. We waited in a mass of confused people for 4 hours at Pearson, none of the airport staff knew what to do. All planes were delayed by hours as we were all shuffled from one end of the place to the other, and back again. They spent eons on each passenger, going through all bags, searching and patting down. Of course we missed our connection in Chicago because of it, but were lucky enough to fly stand-by on the next available flight to LAX. Surprisingly, our luggage had ended up on the same flight we did, which was a big bonus.

Once settled in our beautiful rented apartment with Jennifer, Steve & Shaugnessy, we hit the town and didn't stop until the very end. Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Burbank, Westwood & Downtown LA.

Posing in the Roosevelt Hotel

Pushing my way in front of the camera as Shayne tried to photograph the flowers

Santa Monica was gorgeous and warm

We stopped for lunch in Burbank to meet up with a long lost cousin of Jennifer's. They had just recently found each other on the internet, and this was their first meeting. Patty and Oscar were lovely hosts, and made us feel very welcome in their home.

Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in The Grove with Steve & Jennifer's wonderful friends Bill & Dianne. I was so shocked at dinner to see it snowing outside! Alas it wasn't really snow, but rather soap bubbles spraying out from above the buildings...which explained why the ground was so slippery when we got there!

Dianne taking shots of Shaugnessy, her latest muse for her wonderful paintings!

My dream bed, from Anthropologie of course. I looked it up on line later... $5000, almost worth it! It's an enchanted forest bed!

Poolside drinks at the Standard Hotel. I'm surprised we didn't see any celebrities here!

Then onto the Bar Marmont (beside the chateau) for more drinks. Again, no celebrities, but lots and lots of young LA crowd.

To top it all off, an amazing New Year's Eve dinner at the most beautiful Campanile restaurant, which used to be a film studio belonging to Charlie Chaplin!

"I've made my way through half of the champagne pyramid...why won't anyone ask me to dance?"

Have a wonderful 2010!


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