Monday, January 25, 2010

Posing Posing Posing!

A little post dedicated to Jerry's drawings!

I met Jerry circa 2002 in the lineup for a bar called NASA, which used to be at Queen / Bathurst (long gone now). I was with Jill and her friends known as "big Tom" and "little Tom", when this big dude with crazy spiked hair came up to me and said "I like your pig tails" and the rest is history. This Jerry Thistle (who quite frankly, had hair like a thistle!) became a lifelong friend. Life as I know it now would not be my life at all if it weren't for that chance meeting. If I had not been standing in that line, at that hour, I would not have lived the life I have lived for the past 8 years. It astounds me how a tiny little thing can propel your entire existence....

When Jerry and I met up for the first time after NASA, he brought along a sketch book. He still has that sketchbook and we tease him now for it, as it was his "impress the ladies" book haha!

And still, after all these years, Jerry sketches (though in a new book) and I'm happy to be of some inspiration, and also, to be of some use in sitting fairly still, having wine with friends as he sketches away! I love how in the first picture, he even sketched in one of my own paintings!

This last picture below was Jerry's first drawing of me in 2002, during my gothic years, eyeball celtic cross necklace and all.

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Nathalie Kyrou said...

I never knew that story on how you met! What a lovely thing to do, to write a short story about how you met or an experience with each of your mates....Hey, we should follow each other's blogs...the link to mine is on my website Keep it up Crispy...