Thursday, January 14, 2010

Once a Bridesmaid!

Last night, one of my best gals had a few of us over for a lovely, home cooked dinner for what we thought was just a lovely, home cooked dinner.

She surprised us with wonderful, excellent happy news! She asked us to be her bridesmaids in her upcoming summer wedding, and for the rest of the evening, we drank wine and poured over bridal magazines for decor ideas for her pretty wedding location (which happens to be an old schoolhouse)

This is such exciting news for me, as I have never been part of a wedding party before. Most of my friends are as yet un-married, and traveling the world in pursuit of adventure. It will be such an honour for me (a super fun honour!) to be there with all my girls, together, but I must wear waterproof mascara.

So now, beyond my own adventures, my summer will also hold a girls' pre-wedding trip to Boston, and a walk down an aisle in honour of my beautiful friend.

All the best and lots of love!
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Christine Rochet-Jacob. said...

GREEEEeeeaaaAAAAtttTTTTT news!I love the excitement it caused in you.;o) Your friend must be overjoyed; happiness is happening,as Bowie would say!

Can't wait to see you and talk about the plans for the party.
You and your girlfriends will undoubtedly look stunning walking down the aisle with the groom and bride.


crispy said...

Awwwwww you are so sweet Christine, Thank you!!

I am sooo excited, I can't even imagine how exciting it must be when it is your own wedding!

Yes, lets visit soon! We have a timbale to create!