Monday, January 4, 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

The Christmas season this year came up on me so quickly and I didn't have time to prepare for it mentally without the usual coating of beautiful, fluffy, white snow on the ground. It was a rainy Christmas this year, but come time for family and friends, it didn't much matter really.

We had planned to go home to Brampton on December 23rd this year, my usual day for traveling home. So December 23rd was our chosen day to have our own Christmas morning together, as we would be at our respective parents' places on the 25th.

We woke up and made yummy mimosas and coffee with Bailey's to go with Christmas cookies and toast. I regret to say that the mittens I bought Shayne were both ladies and too small for him...but they match my winter coat. It was an honest mistake, but it certainly didn't look that way! I also gave him my old headphones, another honest mistake. I bought the wrong ones, and he loves mine, so I made a deal to keep the new (wrong) ones for myself and he could keep my old ones.

We decided to leave the mess for the return, and I was right in my knowing that I'd regret that come January. I absolutely hate coming home to Christmas morning remnants when Christmas is over, I find it depressing, I do!

I shall let the pictures do most of the holiday talking for me

Andrea, Noelle & I
In a house-wide search for lions, I fear all Noelle discovered was my giant dollhouse in the basement. She quickly forgot all about the lions!

Poppy's first Christmas with us

Simon did very well with her at my parents place since there were so many new places to hide out!

Mom's most lovely mantle piece. The room was so pretty at night.

This ornament was hand-made by my very talented mom who is quickly becoming a whiz at stained glass creations.

Call me a crazy cat lady, but to round off this picture post...

Stay posted for the reason I was away so long!

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