Sunday, January 17, 2010

Anyone for Tea?

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Yesterday, Shayne and I had a little fun with his new camera and a tea party! This shot was loads of fun to set up, and we plan on doing lots more!

Well I have been sitting at home today, feeling too ill to clean up the house (which really, really needs to be cleaned up!) I need not describe the sneaky dirty devils who have invaded every corner of every room, ick. I will clean though, just not yet.

It has been such a nice week (other then the cold n' flu). Last weekend we celebrated Shayne's birthday, all weekend long. We tried our hands at various types of cheese fondue with friends, which was truly one of the best experiments you can play around with. Melted cheeses mixed with a little white port (given graciously by Tess & Daniel) can never really go wrong. Between the Havarti, the Camembert and the goat cheese, the Camembert was definitely the winner, though the most work!

Also I slapped together a little (huge) chocolate cake filled with Bird's Custard, and was very proud at how it turned out. It was the first time I tried my hand at icing a cake since my baking classes last year, and it appears that I remembered how!

Among other things, we met up with Shayne's family for lunch and Avatar in IMAX, I ate the best stew of my life at Harbord House, took in 2 classical concerts at Heliconian Hall and celebrated the engagement of Ryan & Daniel (a party that went late late late into the night). Actually, more should be said about this little party that Judi held. We played an interesting game, which turned into hours of hilarity: pin the penis on the man. The array of paper penises were astonishing, and we ended up wearing them, taped to the front of our pants, for the rest of the evening.

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