Sunday, December 20, 2009

So Many Memories!

Finished wrapping all the presents!
Finished watching this year's viewing of Bridget Jones's Diary (total Christmas tradition for me)
And then this popped up...

Oh memories of high school. Getting ready for a date (the movies) in my vanilla scented, candlelit room. Listening to U2, putting on my make-up, heels and shiny brown pleather jacket (oh gawd), straightening my hair. Then heading down to the family room to hang out with my parents, waiting for the doorbell to ring, fire burning in the fireplace. And this video seemed to always be on TV on these evenings. That black and white dress the most poignant memory.

It's so funny the way that music sends us back in time to these do scents.
I still have the little clay pot from the Body Shop which was filled with a mixture of vanilla and orange oils. It hung over my hurricane lamp to heat up and disperse the scent, until I broke that lampshade. Though the oils are long gone, the clay still smells exactly as it always did those 14 years ago, and for these memories, I can't bring myself to throw it away. One sniff and I'm shuttled back to so long ago. Times which will live on within me forever and ever and ever.

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