Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Funny Thing About Friends...

I went to a Christmas party last night, hosted by a good friend and so many thoughts bounced around in my head while I was there! My friend is the most hospitable girl really, welcoming anyone and everyone into her life (as long as they are good, kind people of course) and treating them all like equals. The result of her giving heart is often a complete mix and match group of people whom you would never normally find yourself with.

She doesn't concern herself with the worrisome thoughts (that so many of us do) of weather certain people will get on with others, or weather guests 1, 2 & 3 have anything at all in common with guests 4, 5 & 6. Her natural way is to let people be people and figure it all out for themselves. The result is often a motley gathering of quite different folks.

It often causes me to wonder and reflect on why we choose to spend time with those we choose to spend time with. In my experience, friends are quite fleeting, for whatever reason. But the ones who stick around, who continue to cherish our relationship through all that life flings at us, have always been the ones who don't concern themselves with fine, sticky details, the people who don't concern themselves with worrying over what others will think all the time.

It begs to be noted that we all need to relax a little (or perhaps a lot) and try to welcome people, old and new, into our lives without being afraid. Sometimes a gem of a person can be hiding behind a rough exterior that you may not choose to look through at first. I can only imagine how wonderful this place could be, how settled our hearts and emotions could become, and the smiles that would surely spread over miles if we just shed the worries about what everyone else will think.

Leave it up to everyone else to decide what is best for them, and you just might be surprised. Give others their own courage back, and put back into their hands what you may have taken from them. Relax, be kind, and welcome everyone you care about into your life without restriction. We all need to stop picking and choosing based on the emotions and feelings of others. It's about you. If you want something, then go and get it. If you want to invite that odd-girl-out to your place, then do it. It doesn't matter what the others will think, let them take care of their own issues. Take a moment now to breathe, enjoy life, and move on.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Oh how I've tried to learn this little piece on my cello... I need to try harder!

What a dream to play cello with Cirque du Soleil, in a long white dress with a broken down, drunken penny-farthing orchestra!


So Many Memories!

Finished wrapping all the presents!
Finished watching this year's viewing of Bridget Jones's Diary (total Christmas tradition for me)
And then this popped up...

Oh memories of high school. Getting ready for a date (the movies) in my vanilla scented, candlelit room. Listening to U2, putting on my make-up, heels and shiny brown pleather jacket (oh gawd), straightening my hair. Then heading down to the family room to hang out with my parents, waiting for the doorbell to ring, fire burning in the fireplace. And this video seemed to always be on TV on these evenings. That black and white dress the most poignant memory.

It's so funny the way that music sends us back in time to these moments...so do scents.
I still have the little clay pot from the Body Shop which was filled with a mixture of vanilla and orange oils. It hung over my hurricane lamp to heat up and disperse the scent, until I broke that lampshade. Though the oils are long gone, the clay still smells exactly as it always did those 14 years ago, and for these memories, I can't bring myself to throw it away. One sniff and I'm shuttled back to so long ago. Times which will live on within me forever and ever and ever.

I Found Him!

As you know, I have been working on my "Cat's Conundrums" painting series for a long time now. A little, personal project which began about 5 years ago on a Saturday afternoon in the cherished Ossington Apartment, became a growing series. Many friends' walls now display a cat and his conundrum. In fact, I've even been commissioned to paint specific cats with specific conundrums as gifts!

A question I'm always asked is, "Are these paintings based on your own cat?" In personality, he is. Alas, my cat Simon is black, and the reason I didn't use him as my subject is simply that it is difficult to paint definition in black. So I opted for grey instead.

The other day, I randomly found a picture of a cat on the interwebs, who could very well be the one and only conundrum cat! Part of me wanted to adopt the little guy for this very reason!

A Christmas Post!

My Christmas lights are officially up, and I must say it makes my little livingroom much more festive!

Merry Merry Christmas!
Honestly, this is one of my favourite times of year. I love the snow, I love the Christmas music on the radio (which I only listen to when Shayne isn't around!) I love the lights and decorations, I love wrapping presents (while watching Bridget Jones...my personal holiday tradition...and something else I only do when Shayne isn't around) Hmmmm Shayne isn't around today, I think I know what I'll be doing!

Last weekend, my lovely friends threw me a lovely little surprise party for my birthday! The plan was to meet at Gate 403 for some live music, but Jerry insisted I stop by his place first to get my present. My present turned out to be Shayne, Tess & Daniel jumping out of Jerry's bedroom yelling "surprise!" and a hot, freshly prepared dinner on the stove! It made me so happy, and was the most wonderful surprise.

But what is a surprise 31st birthday party / Christmas Cozy Gathering without the following things:

Wine in a mug. Stemware is overrated.

Reading stories like Moby Dick with friends around a raging, crackling TV fireplace!

A giant ogre....

Making sure that giant ogre is good and dead...with a previous birthdays surprise, authentic battleaxe (Jerry's prized possession)

A little girlish posing...

A little boyish posing....

Serious mirror shots.

Some dancing....

Some tea towel limbo....

And of course, who can enjoy a Christmas gathering without a shot-gun wielding Jerry, and a chain-saw wielding Tess?!

I love you all!!

The following evening, I decided to have a few close friends over to try out my own little holiday baking party, inspired by Christine! (who knows how to do it up like a pro!)

As we were elbow deep in cookie batter, and watching "A Christmas Story" in the kitchen, I completely forgot to take pictures. However, Jerry was armed with his camera for the gingerbread house building.

Below is what the gingerbread house was meant to look like:

And here is how it turned out! Much better I'd say hahaha!