Sunday, November 29, 2009


Poppy: my new addition. This little ragamuffin was adopted as a much needed companion for Simon, and finally after almost a week, they are sleeping on the same bed together, though at opposite ends, this is a huge milestone for these two. What was meant to be the gift of a sister for my lonely little guy, ended up being a trauma for him. He has hated her with his entire being since she arrived on Tuesday. I have never heard so many hisses and growls in all my 8 years with him. But now, here they are, both sleeping soundly mere feet from each other. I'm a happy girl for this.

And yes: her tongue sticks out like that almost always.
She was rescued by the Annex Cat Rescue, found emaciated on the street, riddled with infections. She is now healthy and happy, and finally starting to get along with Simon, so it seems!

When this moment of eating happened earlier this afternoon, I was thrilled. Up until then these two could barely stand to be in the same room as each other.

I was in tears last night. Tears over the trauma I had brought upon Simon this week. He was so upset, and not himself. What was supposed to be a good thing for him, has been hell for him. Alas, he seems to be adjusting, and I hope these two can work out their differences and learn to love each other.

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