Sunday, November 29, 2009

Honestly, this girl has everything I wish I could is it possible to have so much style so effortlessly? I'm just saying. She could wake up after sleeping for days on a dirty street and still look amazing.
Though, I've been stuck between two alleys of thought lately regarding style. I've been recently concentrating fully on not caring what other think of me, and it's liberating. The problem is, some days I want to be put together and done up like Audrey, and feel like a skid in my jeans and wellies. And some days, when I am put together classy like, I feel almost ashamed, not like I'm posing, but rather, the thought that if I don't care what people think, then why have I tried so hard today?

Basically, the days when I'm comfortable in skidly style, I feel like a little girl compared to these effortless, gorgeous women in heels and silky hair. Then, I have to try extra hard to regain my sense of not caring what they think, but promise myself that tomorrow I will put on some heeled boots and blowdry my hair. Then when tomorrow arrives, and I'm put together tall in my heels, I feel like a fool sitting next to that hippy girl who embodies what I am so much of the time.

I guess when it comes to style, you can't really win. All you can do is dress the way you feel that morning, and if you feel like a slacker/slicker later on, fuck it. Change later when you get home and relax, because clothes do not make the woman.

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