Monday, October 12, 2009

This year's Nuit Blanche was great. To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to it as much as in the past, but it ended up being worth it. Every year it proves to be different, from drunken escapades and peeing in the bushes to small cavalcades to large groups of friends. We met up at 7pm for Erin's friend's art show at Bay/Bloor, and ended at 5:30am in Liberty Village, just me and Shayne, falling down tired. Through the night, the comings and goings of Erin, Lisa, Ian, Michelle, Jay, Munim, Mary, Jerry, Tess, Daniel and scattered others, was lots of fun. Even stopped into Red Lobster for a drink because there were free tables in there. Haunted house filled with eerie words, videos that didn't work, Jerry trying to build a native style pile of logs and walking around with a box of Bacon Dippers.
We scored this lamp for $5 from the Koma clearance sale. Technically, it's Shayne's, but it lives in my livingroom.

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