Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brampton Town

Awwww Walter. Having a drink, a lounge...

...and supervising at pool.

Toured all up and down Queen street in B-Town over the long weekend looking for deals. Found a few, but not in this place. What a nightmare (a nightmare filled with hilarity that is)

Totally used to shop here in highschool, back when finding amazing vintage clothes was actually possible.

Well hello there!

The world of wigs is changing....

...and copyright is infringing....

I may or may not (may have) bought this one.

Should have bought this hat. I did, however, buy the game of Sorry. There was a screw in the box. Fascinating, I know!

I took a million pictures of this building, for some reason the fact that I could see through it amazed me at the time.

Shayne cursing Brampton's crowded suburban roads.

Apparently Star Wars is so outdated, the storm troopers have had to find new work. Yup, that'd be a storm trooper wearing a sign.

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