Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yesterday Basically Sucked

I've been suffering from some unidentified medical problem for the past week, and feeling overall pretty sick. I've been holding it together though, and suffering through some antibiotics. Even though I've been feeling this way, I've still managed to have some great times though! I just do my best.

But yesterday I had a bad day.
In the morning I barely made it to work, it was the worst subway ride of my life. I got all hot and hyperventilating and nauseous and pains started shooting up my left side till I thought I was having a heart attack. I got into work, sat down at my desk and just couldn't do it...something was majorly wrong.

I went down to the basement studio to chill in the greenroom for a while, but just kept feeling worse. So, I took a taxi down to the St. Michael's emergency room and it was insane pain. I could barely breathe and I've never felt so terrible. The taxi driver did not like having me as a client, I could tell he wanted to get rid of me. He probably thought I was gonna spew in his car or something (which I didn't) I was way disoriented when I got out of the cab and stumbled over to an EMS worker and asked him how to get into the emergency...the door was right in front of my face. I nearly fell over when I got to the desk inside, sweating everywhere and all painful and teary eyed. They gave me a form to fill out and I couldn't even do that. A couple guys were like "are you gonna be sick?" I answered no, i was just in pain. I couldn't sit still and told them "I can't do this paperwork right now" and dropped the clipboard on the desk. That's how painful it was..ick...I couldn't even write down my name. Then I just waited for a long time, slowly feeling better, until the nurse could see me...took pee samples, then the doc saw me and debated doing ultrasounds...but decided just to give me new (stronger) pills. Kidney infection. The hour I was in the exam room, all I could think of was "an hour is too long, how the heck did jerry do it for 3 weeks?"

After 3 hours in hospital, I felt fine on the streetcar home and spent the rest of the day chilling out. And dammit I even made it to my dinner reservations...that were already paid for.... I hadn't eaten much in the last few days so I enjoyed fully.

But on a positive note, I had a great weekend with great people! Hanging with Shayne, Jerry and Mary at the Painted Lady (among other places) hanging with the folks in Brampton, then celebrating Michelle's birthday in her beautiful backyard.

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