Monday, August 17, 2009

Weeping Ash

I'm home sick right now, hopefully recovering a bit from this weekend (for which I was sick the entire time, but it didn't dampen my spirits) We (Shayne, me, Jerry, Erin, Tess, Daniel and Scar) went camping and had an awesome weekend. My pictures are out of order because some are from my camera and some are from Shayne's, but that's cool man, that's cool.

We wanted to arrive as early as possible on Saturday, mostly because of the tent we had. We borrowed a tent from Shayne's fam last week, and I wanted to put it up outside here just to make sure all the pieces were there, but Shayne disagreed. He thought I was being crazy for wanting to put up the tent twice, and doing all that extra work. Yeah, but it wouldn't have taken us an hour in the dark trying to figure out this insane tent if we had done it my way, but I enjoyed holding the lantern and burning out the car batteries for you!

It really was the greatest tent ever...once erected (haha). We arrived at the park around 8:00pm, and were greeted by a line up about a kilometer long hey!!! Damn that was an unwelcome sight. We waited in line over an hour to register for our site, so of course by the time we got to our site, it was going on 9:30 so all the light of the day was gone and damn if all we wanted was a beer, but we had to set up the dreaded tent. We had never seen this tent before, and had never seen a 2 room tent in general. All 6 of us were completely confused over this thing until I discovered, after about 45 minutes of figuring, a picture of the completed tent on the front of the bag. That helped, but it still took at least another half hour to get it up (again, the first line of this paragraph...oh forget it)

Here is what the completed tent looked like:
Oh wait, no that Eildon Hall.
Sorry, back to our campsite (best site ever #358)

Once we got the damn tent up, it was on to drinking...and on to the arrival of my cold/flu. We realized that we are city folks, and that we forgot a lot of essentials: blankets, cups, garbage bags, pots (other then that one little one above) but we did alright considering. We just couldn't all have a cup of coffee together, had to take turns with the cups.

On Thursday, Tess and Daniel came over and we made a batch of pot brownies for the weekend. Not sure we did it right though as none of us got high. They were good though, and I hope the damn raccoons who stole them enjoyed them as much as we were!

Thanks for the mooning Scar. As if he knew I was taking this shot right at this very moment. Scar learned how to swim this weekend, first time ever!! This was the same beach that Lulu learned to swim in years back too!

Look at them nails boy!

Went for a walk around the park and stumbled into the magic forest. Tess and Daniel said they don't remember the roots of the trees being so crazy last year. There is only one explanation for that:
These cedars certainly come alive every night and roam the forest, slithering along on their roots like the aliens in The Simpsons. Upon sun rise every morning, they dig their roots back into the earth and become still trees again. But on this particular morning, a kid wandered away from his camp earlier then most others, and caught the trees unaware. The trees hadn't stopped wandering yet, and their roots surely weren't in the ground yet, so at the sight of this kid, they haphazardly dug their roots in, but couldn't dig them in all the way for fear that the kid would see them moving. So on this day, the trees were left a bit unorganized, and caught with their roots exposed!

Check it entire piece of ground, trees and all, toppled down in a landslide.

The Weeping Ash, roped off and stabalized as it's one of the oldest trees here. Originally brought in by boat from England. Of course, since it is the weeping ash, ya gotta weep in front of it.

And as usual, Shayne pretending to take a video of me when I think I'm posing for a picture. But when I do that, at least I know you can't tilt the camera...duh!!

Caught ya!! Shayne digging into those pot brownies! They were good and I even drew a little leaning house with curly smoke and a starry sky with white icing on top (Jerry has those pictures)

Saturday night. Ugh, I was so sick but never would I stop playing. Tess and I created a dance floor using tea lights to form a big circle, and a path leading into the castle (our big tent) I started putting tea lights in the gnarled tree trunk, but Shayne, being the voice of reason, reminded me that that tree was lookin' mighty dry and we didn't need a forest fire on our hands. Ok fine, so the tea lights all remained on the ground and the effect was amazing. Unfortunately all the pictures I took were crappy.

Lots of dancing went down, led by the lantern lady.
...and the scary ghost hanging in the tree!
After all the dancing, it was time for the beach to re-live, re-create the midnight skinny dipping ritual we started on this site many years ago. I think this has now become tradition (so it's only happened twice, but dammit it's a tradition). Sucks though I was mega sick with shivers and chills so I decided to take better care and not swim. So I stayed back on a picnic table and looked at the stars while all the naked folks frolicked in the water. Once back on the beach, we took turns making up drunken song lyrics to create a group song line by line, but I think we were a little too distracted by Jerry's awful "tang n' CC" concoction. ick. I had no ability to taste since I was so stuffed up, and still that scheisse was too awful to drink.

When we returned to our campsite, we were greeted by a slightly ransacked version. We had been visited by hungry raccoons while we had been at the beach. At first, we were afraid there had been bears. But the claw marks were way to small to have been bears.

The last day, as we were just readying to drive to the beach before one last swim before we hit the road, we were greeted with a dead battery in the car from having the lights on the first night. Ack! Set back about an hour until we found a neighbour with jumper cables, but were on our way after that. Love camping, love you guys!! I want to post more pictures here once I get them from the others.

I noticed on our way home that we were in the same car that we picked up Shayne's 10' desk in last year. The time the desk was hanging out the passenger side window about 3' and damaged the inside of the door a little...see! You can still see the damage.

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