Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Plenty More (thieved) Camping Pictures!!

I love thieving pictures for my own nostalgic memories. Here are some more of our lovely campsite.

Shayne and his look a like beer label man.

Jerry uh..I don't want to know what you are doing here!

Hmmm, now where the hell did I put my beer...

"You shall not pass!...ok, go ahead and pass"

My decorated pot brownies.

Cutting them was a bitch though.

My walking style is so fluid and elegant!

Again with the walking hey!

...and the dancing. Seriously, I think I'm the most graceful gal who's ever been camping.

Shayne's position for all of Saturday night: a chair, a beer and the fire was all he needed (also being completely embarrassed my my antics too I'm sure)

Bad ass...

Party at the discotheque!

"Yep, still go my beer"

Sleeping on the dog. Passed out for a while out of sickness before heading to the beach.

Long hard weekend for Scar!

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